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Structural & Graphic Design of Custom Corrugated & Protective Packaging Products

Graphic Design & Creation of Custom Corrugated and Fiberboard Protective Packaging ProductsSpecialty Industries, Inc., a leader and innovator in all packaging solutions, builds and designs packaging, while working closely with the customer every step of the way. First, we define the project by thoroughly analyzing the packaging product and needs, the use, manufacturing and distribution considerations, marketing functions, regulatory considerations, timing, and cost constraints. Once the project is carefully defined, our design team creates a prototype, using the most advanced techniques and tools in structural and graphic design. The structural designers build the package, as well as the retail and display cartons, and the graphic designers carefully create logos, artwork, and printed samples. Prototypes can be presented in full size print-outs or digitally printed samples, giving the customer the opportunity to see the full effect of the product. To ensure complete satisfaction, we utilize our state-of-the art system that estimates box performance by calculating compression strength and margin of safety for the stacking strength based on environmental storage factors. We also provide optimized pallet patterns to make the best use of truck and warehouse space.

Developing containers and/or displays made of varying materials help us serve the needs of customers in a wide range of industries. Specialty Industries proudly performs full service edge crush testing and mullen testing. We meet a variety of standards as specified and required by our numerous customers, and create top-of-the line, expertly designed packages of the very best quality.

To learn more about our structural graphic design capabilities or to learn about our other services, please contact Specialty Industries.

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Structural & Graphic Design of Custom Corrugated & Protective Packaging Products Project Highlights

Project Definition We Build Packaging Solutions based on a Thorough Analysis of the Following:
  • The Product Contained in The Package and Protection/Presentation Necessary
  • The Use of the Package (Shipping, Handling, Storage, Etc...)
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Considerations, such as Automated Carton Erectors and Material Handling Equipment
  • The Marketing and Brand Enhancement the Packaging Will Serve
  • Regulatory Considerations (Example: Shipping hazardous Material)
  • Timeline and Cost Constraints of the Project
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Structural Design
  • Design Package to Secure and Protect Items from Shipping, Handling, and Stacking Loads
  • Design Retail & Display Cartons
Graphic Design
  • Create Artwork
  • Create Samples
  • Create Logos from New or Utilize Existing
Software Utilized Full Featured CAD for Structural Design
Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design
Optimized Packaging and Palletization Software
Product Type Containers
Material Used
Corrugated Sheets from "E" Flute to Triple Wall
Plastic Corrugated
In Process testing/Inspection Performed Edge Crush Testing
Mullen Testing
Industry of Use
Electronic Components
Auto Parts
Air Conditioning
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Structural and Graphic Design

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