Products & ServicesCustom Corrugated
Packaging Supplies
Including Tape, Bubble
Wrap, Stretch Film,
Strapping, Poly Bags &
many more
Slitting & Rewinding
Design and Manufacturing
of Custom Corrugated
Structural & Graphic
Design of Custom
Corrugated & Protective
Packaging Products
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About Specialty Industries, Inc.

More than just the box, we provide the entire package.

At Specialty Industries, Inc., our daily objective is to improve, enhance and build upon a record of providing world-class quality, service, and innovation in the packaging industry. In a dynamic and competitive environment, we're committed to maintaining business relationships, both long standing and new, that are driven by productive and responsive partnerships with our customers. Our Customer-focused philosophy means that, when it comes to packaging materials, we do whatever it takes to supply whatever you need. It's more than just the box. We provide the entire package.

Innovative product solutions - from innovative product technology. We are at the cutting edge of product advances and process improvements in the packaging industry. With specialized CAD/CAM capability and in-house graphic design, along with computerized sample development systems and automated order entry and tracking, our customer's packing solutions move as fast as technologically possible.

We build lasting relationships on cooperation and communication. At Specialty Industries, customer service is the driving force of our corporate operations. We understand that superior customer service and productive, long-term partnerships begin with communication. Our investment in computer and telecommunication technology ensures that we provide our customers with fast, accurate information when they need it.

Time is money. And we can save you both. From pricing to delivery, today's competitive pressure turns time into a cost factor. Our non-stop, comprehensive focus on improving processes with programs like JIT, EDI, and EFT produces an ongoing reduction in response time, while simultaneously reducing costs.

For over 40 years, we've been delivering quality and service. What gives real meaning to claims about quality? A proven track record of on-time delivery is one definitive answer. Another is the long standing relationships we've had with a number of customers. In fact, all of our customers have come to rely on consistency, experience, innovation and quality.

Simplify source reduction with our value-added services. Providing total packaging solutions has always been our standard at Specialty Industries. With outsourcing and vendor reduction a reality, we have the experience, the products and the services to meet your packaging needs with a single phone call.

Quality and fast access to raw material - we control both. The most efficient and reliable way to control quality, cost and delivery of your packaging products is to own your raw material source, which we do. Krafcor Industries is one more resource that enables Specialty Industries to provide superior products and services to our customers.

Delivery that's on time, just-in-time, or whatever time is right for you. Our delivery systems, stock-and-hold programs, flexible production schedules and EDI ordering technology allow your packaging materials to be where you need them, when you need them. Whether it's on your production line, en route to your facility, or here in our warehouse, made and ready to be shipped. Our mission is simple: to deliver on time, all the time.